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Missions Family

DOUGLAS, Trevor and Norma

World Team

Quezon City, Philippines

HEGDAHL, Art and Ruth



LABRECHE, Andy and Pam

Center for Intercultural Training

North Carolina

ROBERTSON, Tom and Jean

Fort Wilderness Ministries

McNaughton, Wisconsin

Davis, Rachel of Chosen People Ministries

Contact iformation coming soon

We Believe Missions is the Heartbeat of the Local Church

Missions Agencies

IFCA International

3520 Fairlanes

PO Box 810

Grandville, MI 49418

Mel Trotter Ministries

225 Commerce Ave. SW

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Pregnancy Resource Center                

415 Cherry St. NE                                   

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Radio Bible Class

3000 Kraft SE

PO Box 2222

Grand Rapids, MI 49501

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